I paid for a journey on credit card and at a later date I got further charges. Why?

  • When you make a booking via credit card we take the payment based on the journey price quoted at the time. If for any reason there were any amendments to the original journey, such as waiting time or an extra drop off, these are charged separately and therefore will come up as a separate payment on your card statement.

How do I get a receipt for a journey I made using my credit card?

Can I receive a receipt from a cash job?

  • It’s best to ask the driver directly if you would like a receipt for a cash job.

Do you charge for the car park at airports?

  • We track flight landing times at all major airports to ensure that car parking time is kept to a minimum. For account customers, we charge car park fees upon billing. For credit or debit card customers, an automatic fee of £10 is added to your journey price. However you can opt to pay the driver the driver cash for the parking.

Do you charge waiting time at airports?

  • We track flight times to all major airports to help ensure there is as little waiting time as possible. We always allow 45 minutes waiting time from when your flight lands.

I’m interested in opening an account, can you send me your account price list?

  • If you are interested in opening an account with us, please feel free to look through our account section and fill in the online account form.

My flight time has changed. Do you check flight times?

  • Yes, this is why when you book for an airport collection, we ask for your flight details. We have a specialist team who check flight times 24 hours a day and keep up to date of any known time changes. You don’t have to worry about informing us, we’ll automatically send your car to arrive in time for when your flight lands.

I’ve left my bag or another item in one of your vehicles, What shall I do?

  • We make every effort to ensure that all lost property is brought back to you. Please contact us as soon as you are aware of your lost property on 01159 599 222 or email us at lostproperty@castlecarsnottingham.co.uk

Can I cancel a booking once I have made it?

  • So long as you cancel your car within a reasonable time frame and we have not allocated the driver, there will be no charge for a cancellation. In cases where the driver has already been allocated or travelled some distance or even arrived at the pickup address, a cancellation fee may be charged. This will be calculated based on the amount of mileage incurred.

Will you take a woman in labour to hospital?

  • Unfortunately, for legal reasons we are unable to transport a woman in labour to hospital. Our drivers are not medically trained and therefore it would not be advised to travel in one of our vehicles.

Does the amount of luggage I bring affect the price of the journey?

  • No, there is no extra charge regardless of the amount of luggage that you carry in one of our vehicles. However luggage capacity may be restricted depending on how many passengers are being carried in the vehicle.

Can I smoke in your vehicles?

No, It is against the law to smoke in a licensed city council vehicle.

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